If you’re planning on getting a basketball tower, there are several things that you should consider to be sure that you’re getting the best buy when you purchase this sports equipment. Initially, you must identify if you’ll be installing the basketball goal outdoors or indoors. This decision will instantaneously affect the other factors that you need to look at. To help you out, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Basketball Tower
  1. Backboard – The common material used for the backboard is form ply. This is extremely durable, are even used in professional basketball leagues’ goals, and can be used outdoors or indoors.
    It is very durable and adaptable to all types of weather but it is strong enough to last several years even with frequent use.
  2. Ring – When you buy a basketball tower, the ring is included most of the time. If  it isn’t included, find one that fits the connecting holes of your backboard. According to professional standards, the ring should be 18 inches in diameter. When it is mounted on the backboard, there should be a 15-inch space from the face of the backboard to the centre of the ring.
  3. Pole – A basketball tower has one, two, and three-pole options. Find the option that works best for you and your basketball court setup. You can also choose between round and square poles and if required you can purchase a reverse basketball/netball post. PM Sports also offers post safety padding which is well worth considering to protect your players.
  4.  Adjustability – Newer basketball goals have adjustable towers. Choosing one that is adjustable offers flexibility to shorter and taller players. There are two options available for adjustable basketball towers – the crank system and the pneumatic system. The crank system is mechanical in nature, more accurate, but is more difficult to operate. The pneumatic system is easier to use and is a little more expensive.
  5. Brand – The best brand name in basketball goals and towers is the only one you should trust. Get your from basketball tower the company that offers high quality basketball goals, efficient delivery, great after sales service, great customer service, and best warranty PM Sports of course!