Tennis Hit Up Practice Wall

Tennis Hit Up Practice Wall

Tennis Practice Wall

This tennis training aid allows committed players to work out or warm up without a training partner. Sturdy and durable our standard tennis rebound practice walls are popular in many tennis clubs. Made in Australia to our proven design.

Curved Tennis Practice Wall

Our stunning new curved tennis practice walls not only look great, they also make it easier for you to practice and/or warm up for your match. The curves face directs the rebounds in a more natural way simulating an opponent’s returns.

The PM Sports Curved Tennis Practice Walls are supplied as individual 2.4m high by 1.2m wide units, which are then joined together. Typically three units are required for a complete practice wall.

Note how these examples have been mounted against the tennis court fence so they are always available for immediate use, but are not intruding onto the tennis court.

Tennis Practice Wall used by tennis stars

As this article in Kids Tennis Lessons reveals, tennis practice walls have been used by some of the world’s biggest tennis stars including Roger Federer, to hone their skills and a daily part of their training resume.