Spectator Nets help to protect spectators, school buildings and innocent by-standers at sporting events. Sports Netting can also be used for practise situations for Cricket, Golf and Soccer. We also make nets for sports like tennis and soccer and can even make the soccer nets in your team’s colours!

Because of our expertise with net construction, we also make Anti-Bird Netting to protect crops or fruit trees and prevent nesting in buildings. We can repair all types of Sports Netting as well.

Spectator Nets

It doesn’t matter the sport, we can help protect your spectators, buildings, vehicles, coaches and other sporting staff, and any innocent by-standers passing by. We have made Sports Nets for behind football goals to protect spectators, behind the baseball home plate to protect people from foul balls, tennis courts and golf courses. We have made Sports Nets for first floor tennis courts, ovals alongside construction sites and along main roads to prevent errant golf balls from hitting the traffic.

Practise Nets

All sports require practise but what if your space is small? Want to practise your golf swing in your backyard? Or do your kids like to play soccer and want to just practise kicking goals? Then you need Sports Netting!

The best way of practising cricket is in practise nets, unless you want to chase the ball all day. Cricket practise nets can not only prevent the ball from going too far but also allows others to use the oval without fear of getting a cricket ball in the back of the head. Baseball, softball, T-Ball can all be practised in the same way, with a cricket practise net. We can even make them retractable or even a portable version!

You can practise your golf swing just about anywhere, all you need is the space. But what about hitting the ball too? With a practise net in your backyard you can also hit the ball. The golf practice net will prevent the ball from leaving your yard and damaging property or hitting an innocent by-stander.

The same can be said for soccer practise nets. We even make portable soccer goals so you don’t need to leave them out when you’re finished.

Sports Netting

We make all sorts of nets for all sorts of sports, just contact us with your specifications and we will see what we can do for you! Whether it be tennis, soccer, badminton, volleyball, hockey or some other sport that requires a net. When it comes to soccer nets, we can even make them in your team’s colours!

Anti-Bird Netting

One of the most popular requests for our nets (outside of sports) is anti-bird netting. This is used to cover fruit trees or grain crops to prevent birds and other animal pests from destroying or eating what you are trying to grow. Additionally, to prevent nesting or roosting inside buildings, like factories and warehouse, our netting has been installed to help prevent health risks and remove the public nuisance factor of such activities.

Repairs to Sports Netting

Our expert personnel can repair and help maintain your tennis, cricket, soccer, hockey, golf, spectator protection, anti-bird or any other type of netting. Contact us for more information.

Peter Miranda Sports

PM Sports are a full-line sporting equipment supplier, this includes nets and sports hardware for soccer, basketball, netball, cricket, hockey and tennis to name just a few.