• Tennis Court Squeegee Special

    Tennis Court Squeegee Special

    As we head into inclement weather, its important to be able to quickly and easily dry off a court after a shower of rain. That’s where a tennis court squeegee (also known as dry court sweeper) can come to your rescue.

    These light-weight devices allow someone to quickly and easily squeegee a court ready for play after a shower of rain. They are very easy to use as the operator doesn’t have to stoop or strain. This means our tennis squeegees can be used effectively by all ages.

    Light and easily managed, and ergonomically designed to avoid back strain, the tennis court squeegee can also be easily stowed when not needed.

    There is a currently a shortage of Tennis Court Squeegee’s but we still have some in stock. Call Peter now to make sure you get one.

    Tennis Court Squeegee

    Deluxe Tennis Court Squeegee

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