Peter Miranda Sports is an authentic full-line sporting equipment supplier offering a broad assortment of sporting goods equipment.

The company is based in Adelaide, Australia and is a leading supplier of sporting equipment with many years of experience in both the private and public sector. Our sporting equipment include both sports netting and sport hardware for soccer, basketball, netball, cricket, hockey and tennis among many other.

Walford Girls School Fitout - Protective Netting, Basketball Towers and Netball Posts

Walford Girls School Fitout – Protective Netting, Basketball Towers and Netball Posts

We not only supply the sporting equipment, but we are also specialists in designing, manufacturing, installation and repairing all types of sporting nets, anti-bird netting and spectator protection nets. We have successfully supplied and installed sporting equipment for schools, clubs, colleges, councils and governments, both federal and state, locally and throughout Australia.

Our energy, our attitude and our desire is to do great things for our customers. Great teams, athletes and individuals stay ahead by constantly seeking out imperfections and innovating. Our goal is to create the next revolution and make a difference. We build quality into our equipment and stand behind it every step of the way once it’s yours. Whether it’s for a health club or your home, we test every unit to make sure it works right, looks good, feels great and keeps you safe.

Peter Miranda makes a conscious effort to supply the best of sporting equipment; be it the best goals, best nets, best training equipment or best ground equipment. Quality products and exceptional customer service are paramount to our operations. By contacting us, you are ensuring that you receive the best sporting equipment and unsurpassed impartial advice and service.

Value, Quality, Superior Sporting Equipment

Peter Miranda Sports stands for selection, value, quality and superior customer services. This is backed up by dedicated staff who are willing to go that extra mile to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. This level of commitment to provide the best sporting equipment has been the cornerstone of our foundation. We set the standards for innovation and usability in sports equipment and offer advanced, performance-oriented products with attention to detail, high quality and functional dependability.

We incorporate the latest apparel technologies into training and performance garments. The technology within these garments covers all areas including support, safety, fit and comfort. At heart, we are an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological innovations across our products. Our products offer cutting edge technology and searing style at every level of play. We are determined to provide real solutions that make a difference to your budget, athletes and your peace of mind.

Peter Miranda Sports’ strategy emphasizes excellence in consumer-centric product creation. Through continuous research and development, we seek to develop new and better sporting equipment that appeal to customers to give maximum satisfaction. Our products are designed to improve the performance of the users both beginners and professionals, help them achieve their goals and increase comfort for maximum enjoyment.

At Peter Miranda Sports, it’s about the fun and excitement that comes from playing your heart out. The moments of victory that you remember forever. As a sports equipment manufacturer and supplier, we provide you with exactly what you need to not only compete but also to win. Get geared up with Peter Miranda Sports’ sporting goods for all sports.

Peter Miranda Sports

Whether it Club soccer or slow pitch softball, you can be sure to find great deals at Peter Miranda Sports and at incredible prices. Come in and shop for sports equipment at Peter Miranda Sports.