Tennis Court Squeegee

Also known as ‘Dry Court Sweepers’ our tennis court squeegee enables tennis courts to be quickly squeegeed dry after a shower of rain. Water can be squeegeed off a tennis or netball courts quickly, with a minimum of effort and back strain. Our clients also use the dry court sweeper to remove leaf debris from their tennis courts. Our squeegees are also used in factories and manufacturing spaces to clear water from large areas quickly.

As the squeegees are light weight, they are more easily whisked around the tennis court, even by a smaller person. The squeegees are compact and so easily stored, and able to be quickly deployed after an unexpected shower of rain. The handle is carefully positioned so operators don’t need to bend or stoop to operate the squeegee. This avoids the risk of back strain when using the court sweeper.

Peter Miranda Sports offers two court sweeper options, the Standard and Deluxe units

Tennis Court Squeegee

Deluxe Tennis Court Squeegee

Deluxe Tennis Court Squeegee:

A super slurpy on wheels – our Deluxe Tennis Court Squeegee pushes rain water off your courts quick as a flash.

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 Replacement squeegee rubbers are also available.
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Online Purchase Return and Refunds Policy

If your Deluxe Court Squeegee is faulty, please return it to us within 14 days of purchase. On inspection, we will either replace the unit or refund your full purchase price.