Why let your sports people get bruised?

Whatever sport you’re involved with, Peter Miranda Sports will arrange the right protective padding. We supply post padding for every kind of sports equipment including goal post pads for Football, Soccer, Hockey, Netball and many more.

We even provide kindergartens and schools with safety padding, to soften the blow when kids run into shade sails’ posts or verandah posts, for instance!

Our everlasting padding, put to good use in kindy’s all over Australia

All padding supplied can be custom made to suit any size of post. Choose from square; or cylindrical padding.

Of course just like all Peter Miranda Sports equipment, our padding will last and last. The super-tough 50 or 65mm wall is made from highest quality PVC. Simply wash in soapy water!

Most importantly, this excellent foam protection simply “spring-fits” onto posts, with velcro straps added for good measure.

All you have to do is supply some accurate measurements and we’ll do the rest. To get started, please phone us to discuss your project, today.