Get the best quality soccer nets made to Australian Standards.

Soccer Goal nets

Clubs, schools and councils from all over Australia contact Peter Miranda Sports first because they know they can depend on fast supply, and great after-sales service.

In fact, Peter will make a point of getting to know you properly and will remain in contact for years, just to make sure you are always entirely happy with the products supplied.

And every soccer goal (or football goals!) supplied, whether portable, foldaway or aluminium – are all made in South Australia.

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Team Coloured Soccer Goal Nets

Check or our new team coloured soccer goal nets. Support your team with coloured nets to match your team’s colours. Available in solid colour, diagonal and checkered patterns.  Read more here

Soccer Goal Nets

Soccer goal netting braid and clips

Soccer goal netting braid and clips

The world is united when it comes to sports, and anyone who has sat through the thrills, achievements and inspiration of World Cups will agree that there is nothing like sport to evoke such passion in people of all ages. Soccer is a sport played in almost every country, and has been played in one form or another since ancient times. The game was very rough and disorganized and it was only during the 1860’s that soccer got modern rules brought into the game.

The Soccer World Cup, held every four years, is watched by millions of people with the competition and feverish excitement extending into several weeks. As the striker kicks the ball into the soccer nets, the high-on-emotion crowds erupt as a win will put them through to the quarter finals on the way to a World Cup victory.

The Games People Play Require Proper Equipment

To become a world class soccer player, youngsters have to practice and play throughout the year. Not all children aspire to become professionals; many just love to play for the sheer enjoyment. Soccer nets- and goals are an important part of the game in order to score, and there are a number of options to choose from based on the net type as well as material used which will suit your unique situation.

Things like the level of competition, the amount of use the net will need to endure as well as weather conditions will determine the type of net you need. Which net will weather better? Do the nets need to be UV treated? Should you buy a braided or twisted net or a net with a small or large mesh size?

With 20 years of supplying nets behind them, Peter Miranda Sports have extensive knowledge and experience will all sorts of sporting equipment. Their expertise is sought after by sporting organizations, architects, sport clubs and schools who look for advice on the best type of soccer nets required. The Hindmarsh Stadium in South Australia is a perfect example of where you can see the superb workmanship and quality netting of Peter Miranda Sports.

A Professional Team who Cast their Nets Far and Wide

Peter Miranda Sports have already supplied and installed soccer nets and other sport equipment for small and large clients throughout Australia. These are people who want their sporting equipment installed professionally and on time. People want to know that they can call on professionals who design and manufacture soccer nets, but who will also install and repair then. They also want to know that whatever netting they require; from spectator protection nets, anti-bird netting… you name it, they can get in from net specialists.

Peter Miranda Sports supply all kinds of competitive priced nets, cricket, basketball, soccer, tennis and hockey nets

  • their sports nets are installed in soccer clubs, sport stadiums, sports centres, tennis courts, cricket grounds as well as golf courses
  • they supply and repair all types of spectator safety netting
  • proudly Australian-owned and operated, they use mostly high-grade local materials wherever possible
  • a team of in-house engineers design the netting, making sure they conform to all Australian and International safety standards
  • soccer nets meet all indoor, outdoor, professional and amateur requirements -designed to different strengths

Nets Designed By Experts for Training and Professional Use

With the right amount of training, it could be you taking part in the next world cup. To train properly you need the right equipment. With this in mind, Peter Miranda Sports create the best experience for amateurs and professionals alike, supplying and installing the best soccer nets and other sport equipment which helps to prevent injuries and contributes towards you becoming everyone’s favourite sport hero.