Give other golfers, nearby pedestrians and motorists proper protection from errant golfballs. Let Peter Miranda Sports create a golf driving net solution that keeps everyone truly safe.

New Barrier Net at Regency Park Golf Course. A truly monumental 18m high – but no bother for the installation team at Peter Miranda Sports

Better still, you’ll find Peter’s golf driving nets superior in every regard to the shoddy alternatives, yet they cost no more.

In fact, to solve a problem caused by the realignment of Adelaide’s busy South Road, the government’s DTEI recently approached Peter Miranda Sports.

They contacted Peter Miranda Sports based on a recommendation from some of Peter’s other satisfied customers. And Peter Miranda Sports won the tender, because DTEI were so impressed with the value. What’s more, they love the finished product!

Golf practice nets

As you can tell, Peter Miranda Sports is the right choice for a golf practice net; or in fact similar safety barriers for any sporting situation!

Golf nets for home

Whether you need a 18m high netting masterpiece or even if you simply need golf nets for backyard use, Peter Miranda Sports can offer a brilliant solution. Have a chat to the friendly team about your requirements today.