Peter Miranda Sports is a professional sports netting company that specialises in the manufacture, supply and repair of all types of sports nets, such as basketball, cricket, hockey, tennis and soccer nets.

We have a 20 year history of supplying nets for just about any sport and we have provided a full range of sports nets for stadiums, sports centres, soccer clubs, tennis courts, cricket grounds, golf courses and more throughout Australia.

Our sports netting solutions are currently in use in some of the most popular sporting venues such as the Hindmarsh Stadium in South Australia.

We also supply and repair all types of spectator safety netting such as backstop nets and nets for all existing sporting arenas that ensure the safety of fans without obstructing the view of the action. At Peter Miranda Sports, we have the experience and specialist expertise required to develop netting solutions that are both cost effective and suitable for your needs.

As we are a proudly Australian-owned and operated company, we strive to use as many high-grade local materials and services as possible. All our netting products, including the required rigging and structures, are stringently designed by our in-house engineers and manufactured locally to meet or exceed Australian and International safety standards.

Our sport nets are also constructed to meet specific indoor, outdoor, amateur or professional requirements and they are built accordingly to different strengths. For example, nets for outdoor use are UV treated to enable them to withstand the harsh Australian climate.

Apart from designing and manufacturing the nets, poles and other rigging equipment, we also complete the job for you by undertaking all installation work for your convenience. You will only need a single point of contact.

Our sports netting and safety netting solutions are also competitively priced and we guarantee complete satisfaction with our unmatched customer service. Call us today if you are looking for any type of sports net and take advantage of our quality products as well as professional planning and installation services.

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Peter Miranda Sports offers a wide range of netting solutions including: