Peter Miranda Sports Aluminium Soccer Goals

Peter Miranda Sports aluminium soccer goals are used by Adelaide United at Hindmarsh Stadium. Our portable Aluminium soccer goals are currently being used by Adelaide United, Sydney and Perth Glory Football Clubs. Contact us today for an obligation free quotation.

Our Aluminium soccer goals are supplied with:

  • Ground sleeves
  • Steel reinforced spigot
  • Off season dust cap for ground sleeves
  • Uprights are supplied over length allowing the ground sleeves to be set safely under the playing surface.

Options include:

  • Rear side net support hoops
  • Nylon net hooks and
  • 3mm braided soccer nets

Aluminium Soccer Goals

Choosing the right Soccer Goals can be confusing with the variety that is available. We think that our Aluminium Soccer Goals are a perfect choice. Our soccer goals are weather and corrosion resistant. Our goals are made in Australia from lightweight aluminium, so are easy to move and store during the off season.

Peter Miranda Sports Aluminium Soccer Goals

Our Aluminium Soccer Goals are in made in Australia and supplied at very competitive prices. Peter Miranda Sports Aluminium Soccer Goals are used by Adelaide United at Hindmarsh Stadium. Our portable Aluminium Soccer Goals are currently being used by Adelaide United, and also by the Sydney and Perth Glory Football Clubs.

Why Aluminium Soccer Goals?

Aluminium Soccer Goals are much more light-weight when compared with the steel versions but they are still strong. Aluminium doesn’t rust or corrode like steel can, even the galvanised versions will eventually submit to the effects of corrosion. Our design is strengthened with internal cast ribs for increased reinforcement and the smart natural finish doesn’t tarnish. Being lighter makes it easier to move when you need to setup at the beginning of the season and to remove when you need to store them when the season ends.

What do you get?

Not only do you get the Aluminium Soccer Goals but they are also supplied with the ground sleeves, steel reinforced spigots, over length uprights so the ground sleeves can be safely set under the playing surface and dust caps for the ground sleeves during the off season. The clips for attaching the netting are a simple and stable plastic design which is quite durable.

Other Options

That is not the end! We also have available other things that you may need for your Aluminium Soccer Goals. The options we have available include rear side net support hoops, nylon net hooks and 3mm braided soccer nets.

The rear side net support hoops give the frame a P design shape. This is often used for schools and junior divisions but is also designed for senior clubs too. It allows easy support for the net in a simple design. They are still lightweight and easily moved. The P-shaped poles allow the net to hang at a forty-five degree angle to the crossbar.

Nylon net hooks are UV resistant and provide a longer lasting clip. This can be preferable to the standard clip when you are looking for a more durable product.

Soccer nets are available in different sizes to match the size of the goals that you are using. Be sure to supply us with the correct dimensions. Our nets conform to all Australian and international safety standards and are designed in-house by our team of engineers. We can even repair nets!

Also Available

We also have portable soccer goals, safety nets for behind the soccer nets and can supply the soccer nets in your team colours in a single colour or two or three colour vertical or diagonal stripes!

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