Why is Peter Miranda Sports known all over Australia for AFL goal posts? One reason. Quality.

Backnets at the AFL Telstra Dome

Backnets at the AFL Telstra Dome

You see, they only supply footy goals that last. In fact, Peter thinks you’ll be so impressed with his high-quality, SA-manufactured AFL posts, that you’ll never consider any alternative.

That’s because each lightweight, aluminium AFL goal post provides a range of exciting benefits, not found in other posts.

  1. Aluminium is lighter than steel, with a bit of “give” so if you crash into one of these football posts, it doesn’t usually hurt quite so much! (PS also ask about safety padding)
  2. An aluminium AFL goal post is easy to lift out of it’s ground sleeve. Therefore grounds maintenance is easier; and your posts can be hidden away at the end of each match and season, to protect against vandalism.

As you’d expect, Peter Miranda Sports are more than just an AFL goal specialist. We also provide rugby league goal posts, as well as soccer, hockey and special goals made to order.

Whatever you’re looking for in a goal, talk to us today!

A spectacular example of our AFL Football back nets is this photo right of the Triangular back net at Telstra Dome Sydney.