A netball hoop is sports equipment you can play on to develop your shooting skills. Its basic setup doesn’t occupy a lot of space so you can easily install it in the yard or the garage. Though simple, it’s a reliable tool that can help you improve your basketball shooting aim.

A netball hoop system has three major components. It has a base, a pole, and a ring. A good netball hoop has a pole constructed from high-quality, durable steel tube so that it wouldn’t bend even if you play hard on it. Its base should be made from reinforced plastic that is heavy enough to support the entire netball hoop and keep the pole upright. It should not tip over easily especially when shooting. Usually, the base can be filled with water to make it heavy enough to handle the base and the hoop. The ring should be made from powder-coated steel to protect it against rusting. It should have welded clips that will hold the net in place.

Since the netball hoop is designed to be installed outdoors, it should be sturdy enough to withstand the harsh environment and survive exposure to extreme weather. The netball hoop should also be hard-wearing to handle extreme play.

It’s recommended to choose an adjustable netball hoop because it can cater to players of varying heights. Adjustable hoops usually have a minimum height of 8 feet and a maximum height of 10 feet, which makes it perfect for children and adult players.

When training children on the netball hoop, you can start with the minimum height. As their aim improves, you can recalibrate the height of the hoop until you reach the maximum height.

If you can find a portable netball hoop then that is even better. If you have this, you can easily uninstall the hoop and store it when not in use.