Some sports require goal posts for scoring purposes and there are differences in shape, size, quantity and what they are made of.

Some sports have nets and some don’t. Some sports need multiple posts and others only one. We’re talking about Aussie Rules Football, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball and Netball specifically and we have all of these sports covered. We have Goal Posts for Sale for each of them! We also do rugby league goal posts and can make special order goal posts.

Aussie Rules Football Goals for Sale

Peter Miranda Sports is known all over Australia for the quality of the Aussie Rules Football Goals that we make. We use aluminium for our football goal posts because it is lighter than steel and resistant to the elements. Being lightweight has two main benefits.

Firstly, it has a bit of “give” to it which means that crashing into it doesn’t hurt quite as much as it would if it was steel.

Secondly, being lighter than steel it means that you can easily lift it out of the ground sleeves and remove it so that ground maintenance is easier.

Storing them safely after each match you can also protect them from vandalism.

Soccer Goal Posts for Sale

Soccer has been one of the fastest growing sports in recent times. To play and practise soccer, you need soccer goals.

There are many varieties of Soccer Goal Posts for Sale, including Box shape, “P” shape, Portable Goals, practise goals for home use and all of these are available in senior or junior sizes. We make all of these out of aluminium for the quality and lightweight that it provides. Our soccer goal posts are designed and made according to ACCC safety standards. Our soccer goal posts come supplied with nets, ground sleeves, steel reinforced spigots and dust caps for the sleeves when the posts are not in use.

Multi-coloured soccer goal post

Hockey Goal Posts for Sale

For our Hockey Goal Posts we use high quality galvanised steel and heavy duty form boards on the back and sides and top quality nets.

We use steel mainly because of the strength and resistance to damage that the goals can receive, from the hockey sticks and ball. Hockey can be a fast-paced game and the ball can move at high speeds.

Hockey goals
Hockey goals

If the ball hits the posts and they were made of aluminium, you would end up with dented posts and be replacing them after every game. We powder coat our hockey goal posts in white but they can be coloured to match your requirements.

Basketball Goals for Sale

Basketball Goals can come in different shapes depending on your requirements. There are the simple wall mounted Basketball Goals including backboard and hoop, the common pole (which can be height adjustable) to the tower design. The tower design has a more complex set of poles attached to the backboard and the tower itself is set back away from the goals so that players moving at speed will not crash into anything. These can all be setup for indoor or outdoor courts.

Netball Goal Posts for Sale

We make netball goals, nets and rings tough, to withstand heavy duty use and they need minimal maintenance.

We can supply and install all the Netball posts and sleeves, no matter if it is for indoor or outdoor courts, a new court or for refurbished courts. The posts can also be standard or adjustable for senior and junior use. They also come with the chain wire net.

Other Posts

We can also supply and install other posts for other sports such as Tennis posts and Rugby League Goal Posts. 

Safety Equipment for Sale

We can also supply you with other equipment suitable for you sport such as safety padding and safety nets. Safety padding for poles can come in many different sizes and shapes, suitable for all the different goals mentioned above and we can help you with all of them. Safety Nets for spectators is available for behind Aussie Rules, Soccer and Hockey goals.

Square post Safety Padding

If you are unsure about what your needs are specifically, call us and we are happy to assist you.

Peter Miranda Sports have been supplying and installing Goal Posts for Sale for over twenty years.