Spectator and Sports Nets

Spectator Nets help to protect spectators, school buildings and innocent by-standers at sporting events. Sports Netting can also be used for practise situations for Cricket, Golf and Soccer. We also make nets for sports like tennis and soccer and can even make the soccer nets in your team’s colours! Because of our expertise with net [...]

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How to Buy a Netball Ring

Netball enthusiasts may find it convenient to have their own training facility at home. If you’re a homeowner with an active lifestyle, you probably want to have a place where you can sweat it out and train. Netball training is easy to setup at home. This game doesn’t need a lot of equipment to start playing. The basic [...]

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Basketball Rings Safety: Choosing, Installation and Maintenance

Basketball rings are circular metal rings that are mounted on a backboard, wall, or post. At times, they’re also called as basketball hoops. When playing basketball, players shoot the ball into the ring to obtain a score. Therefore, basketball rings are important components that complete a basketball court. Basketball rings are often attached to a [...]

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How to Safely Install a Basketball Ring

Safety should never be compromised when playing basketball. To fully enjoy the game, you need to make sure that your basketball court is designed properly, and every component of the court is installed with care and utmost precaution. A key component in the basketball court is the basketball ring. Here are a few guidelines that [...]

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Basketball Hoops with Tempered-Glass Backboard or Acrylic Backboard – Which Is the Better Choice?

The backboard is a crucial part of basketball hoops. Whether you plan to install an in-ground, wall-mounted, or portable hoop, the choice of what backboard to use can greatly affect the game. The top two choices when it comes to backboards are tempered-glass and acrylic. Let’s take a look which is the better choice. [...]

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Tips on Choosing a Basketball Tower or Goal

If you’re planning on getting a basketball tower, there are several things that you should consider to be sure that you’re getting the best buy when you purchase this sports equipment. Initially, you must identify if you’ll be installing the basketball goal outdoors or indoors. This decision will instantaneously affect the other factors that you [...]

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