Netball enthusiasts may find it convenient to have their own training facility at home. If you’re a homeowner with an active lifestyle, you probably want to have a place where you can sweat it out and train.

Netball training is easy to setup at home. This game doesn’t need a lot of equipment to start playing. The basic setup can just contain a netball ring, a ball, and some room to run around. The garage is a perfect place because it’s roomy and open-air for shooting hoops.

Finding a good netball ring is crucial to guarantee that the game is as enjoyable as it is safe. To do this, you need to consider a few things when you are out in the market searching for a good netball ring. You need to know what makes a good netball ring and what’s perfect for you.

There are two types of netball ring – the fixed ring and the adjustable ring. The fixed ring is set up in a way where you cannot adjust the height of the ring once it’s installed. This limits your game play because you cannot calibrate the height of the ring depending on the height of the players during the game. However, this one is sturdy because the height cannot be moved.

On the other hand, the adjustable netball ring allows you to change the height of the ring to suit younger players.  This allows your practise centre to accommodate a range of players of different heights to play comfortably.

The netball ring should be made from good quality material, with the most common choice being steel because it is so durable and doesn’t corrode easily even when it’s installed outdoors. The ring should be 18 inches in diameter, which is similar to the size pro ballers use. It should be 5/8 inches thick for durability and must have steel support when installed on the post.

The netball ring should have a clip to hold the net. The clips should be welded properly so that they won’t fall off easily. Welded steel clips can hold the net better and will not break off.

Finally, check the brand. Buy your netball ring only from a trusted brand. A high quality netball ring will only come from a trusted name. Moreover, trusted brands provide great after sales service to ease your mind from worries and just focus on the game.