Anti bird netting

Anti bird netting in a commercial setting

Anti bird netting

Anti bird netting is the easiest and most cost-effective way to prevent a bird infestation. Our team of professional installers can protect your premise with durable bird resistant netting to discourage birds nesting and loitering. As the birds can’t spend much time there, there is a reduced chance of them defecating on your property. Bird poo is not only unsightly but is a health hazard as well  on a couple of levels. Rats and mice move to the area, attracted by the bird poo, so creating a compounding health issue.

You dont have to worry keeping the area cleaned of bird excrement once anti-bird netting is installed.

Anti bird netting is the kindest solution

The alternatives to bird netting each has their own negative side-affects:

Poisoning problematic birds

Poisoned birds are likely to be eaten by foraging animals, including household pets and native fauna, which in turn may be poisoned. This can happen from direct digestion of the poison or scavenging animals eating the poisoned bird carcasses.  As household pets – dogs and cats – are both scavengers the possibility of accidentally killing household pets is a reality. Young children may also innocently eat the Poison which would be a catastrophic outcome.

Poisons are not an ecologically sound approach to solving the problem of scaring birds away.

Scaring birds away

Gas fired ‘gun shots’ to scare birds away is very disruptive and so really unsuitable in a suburban or business setting. This solution is also very temporary – the birds fly off after being unsettled with the noise, then simply fly back later on to their preferred roost.

Shooting birds

I was surprised and appalled to read that some bird plagues are being addressed by shooting the birds. The spokesman made assurances that this would happen after hours so people wouldnt be disturbed…

Killing birds is not a humane solution.

Netting is a one time cost

Unlike other bird removal solutions, anti bird netting is a one time exercise and investment. Once the anti bird netting is erected, birds are blocked from the area. No more additional activity or expense required. The you can get on with managing your business.

Read more about our anti-bird netting solutions or contact Peter to arrange a quotation to eradicate your bird problem.